Through our undergraduate and graduate programs, we provide students with understanding of relevant engineering and sciences knowledge and skills - tools for continuous intellectual development over a lifetime and to contribute to the needs of a changing society.

Our obligations

  • Establish and create high quality electrical engineering curriculum that is keeping up with industrial 4.0.
  • Equip electrical engineers with knowledge and skills  to solve significant problems in industry and society through leadership and innovation in their fields.
  • Cultivate innovative and engineering ability with moral and ethics.
  • Allocate resources for supporting the development of students, faculties, and staff.
  • Promote open education and research atmosphere.
  • Encourage fresh and strategic research that will align with country development direction.
  • Provide public services and knowledge transfer in field of electrical engineering.

Since 1969

Our EE program has been established since 1969 - one of the first few EE courses offered in Thailand universities. We are going to have a 50th anniversary in 2019!!!  A long-run traditions of excellent teaching are maintained here for the students to accelerate  towards their success.  

46 Full-Time Academics

A large number of faculty members means that a broad field of electrical engineering subjects as well as research areas offered here will be likely to suit your interest. Electric Power, Communication, Electronics, and Control Systems are the main strength of EE@KU.

Total 800 Students in All Majors

Nearly 200 incoming  students are admitted to study in EE department each year. This fact alone makes EE one of the biggest  department in the Engineering faculty.  This number is a quick indicator how EE@KU  is a popular choice for your future career.