We have got an approval to integrate these exciting new courses into EIIR track of study.


To be a leader in today disruptive world, under International Undergraduate Program (IUP) - Faculty of Engineering, our new program entitled "Energy Innovation and Intelligent Robotics (EIIR)" is initiated to serve the purpose. EIIR program has been designed to train our students to be an engineer, who has hands on experience and are eligible to apply for "License for Professional Practice (Associate Electrical Engineer (Power))" issued by the Council of Engineers(COE), Thailand. Students will select to study in one of the following two tracks:

"Energy Innovation" Track:

Power consumption is on the rise globally and with no signs of slowing down. We are quickly moving into a future where energy management will become critical to the development of cities and economies. This track is to train our students on how to apply new technologies to efficiently manage the way we utilize energy in home, buildings and manufacturing. An energy management system with hardware and software will be developed. In addition, energy conservation measure development, renewable energy applications and internet of things (IoT) are also provided in this track.

"Intelligent Robotics" Track:

A decade ago, high-level robotics were only accessible by trained engineers and technicians working in high tech industries. But today, because of engineers, that same technology is available in our homes and in commercial building. It's part of our daily life. In this track, the basic components for building robots are focused to train our students to be robotic engineers with hardware design, manufacturing (CAD, CAM and 3D rapid prototyping) and also robot artificial intelligent (AI) skills. AI classes will focus on cutting edge technologies such as a computer vision, deep learning and machine learning.

Introduction to EIIR Video (English version)

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