Vision, Mission


       The fundamental missions of our department are teaching, researching and public services.  We develop and transfer electrical engineering knowledge. innovations and workforce  that serve and enhance quality of human lives.

        Through our academic undergrad and graduate programs, understanding of relevant engineering and sciences knowledge and skills  provides students with the tools to continue intellectual development over a lifetime and to contribute to the needs of a changing society.


          Our obligations are

          - Establish and create high quality of electrical engineering cirriculum that are suitable for world’s nowadays situations.

          - Produce electrical engineers who are have requisite knowledge and skills  to solve significant problems in industry and society through leadership and innovation in their fields.

         - Cultivate innovative and engineering ability with moral and ethics. 

         - Allocate tools, equipments and resources for supporting students. faculties and staffs' personnel development and to promote open education and research atmosphere.

         - Create fresh and new research that will increase the limit of our country’s ability of technology to catch up with world’s development

         - Provide public services in field of electrical engineering. Research results and scientific discoveries are transfer into practical knowledge and technological innovations that benefit communities.


Department of Electrical Engineering

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